There are several benefits of putting a tracker on your car. Aside from the obvious ones like tracking wherever your vehicle has been,  there are several tertiary benefits. It’s more than a safety precaution. It’s an administrative decision that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

There are 2 basic types of vehicle tracking.

Passive Tracking

Passive tracking systems collect and save information which can be retrieved later. This is a mostly useless tracking technique. It won’t really give you more than the last route and the most current information.

Active Tracking

Active tracking systems can collect and send information in real time. This offers some great advantages.  For instance, you can look at the different routes taken by your drivers and recommend the best routes by cross referencing traveling times. You can even suggest these routes depending on the day of the week and time of day.

Now, let’s get to the benefits of vehicle tracking.

6 Major Benefits of Putting a Tracker on Your Car

Why you should put a GPS tracker on your car

These are 6 major benefits of putting a tracker on your car.

1. Cost Savings/Saving on Fuel

One of the most obvious benefits of putting a tracker on your car is the fuel savings or operational cost savings. You can recommend better routes to your customers based on the time of day or the day of the week they’ve rented cars for.

You can also suggest different routes based on the amount of damage that cars take while on that route. You can also suggest better routes depending on the construction going on at different junctions.

You can do the same for your employees. By cross referencing all the information you have from various cars, you can choose the best routes to travel all the time.

This is something which will only get better over time. By employing better practices and getting more current information, you can save on operational costs overtime.

2. Discounts on Insurance

This is another long-term benefit of a GPS tracker on your car. Trackers fitted to vehicles generally allow for you to take better care of your vehicles. You can administrate their routes better. You can control their fuel consumption. You can also potentially keep them safe from theft and misuse (see below).

This means your car will be judged as generally, potentially safer than the average commercial vehicle. Insurance companies will view your cars as assets they won’t have to worry about paying for as much as the average vehicle. Hence, for the insurance benefits alone, this is why you should put a tracker on your Turo car.

According to Forbes:

21st Century Insurance gives 15 percent off its comprehensive coverage premium for theft recovery devices like GPS trackers. Nationwide offers anti-theft discounts based on the state you live in and based on the type of device you install. Geico says customers can get up to a 25 percent discount.”

Several insurance companies will give you discounts on bulk packages. However, if your fleet has cars fitted with GPS trackers, the discounts will go even higher. This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up.

3. Theft Prevention and Recovery  

This is one of the more obvious benefits of GPS tracking for your vehicles. 810,000 vehicles were stolen in 2020 alone according to the FBI. With GPS tracking, it’s easier to get alerts if the vehicles are out of bounds or if they are exhibiting suspicious behavior.

The reaction to these thefts can be faster and more effective this way. There is a greater chance of recovery of the vehicle if GPS tracking is always on. This of course also reduces the costs of acquiring new vehicles every year. You won’t have toe replace a vehicle because it’s been misplaced or stolen.

4. Keep Your Customers and Drivers Safe

Using vehicle tracking systems, it’s very possible to reduce traffic accidents and any other problems on the road. This of course has an overall positive effect on the costs of your operation. However, you can also improve the safety for your drivers and employees and customers on site.

You can also track how fast your vehicles are being driven at any given time with GPS tracking. This way, you can pinpoint which of your vehicles are being misused. You can also find out how your customers or employees are misusing your vehicles.

You can charge your customers or employees for misusing your vehicles this way with irrefutable proof. You can also set limits on how fast your company vehicles can be driven. These limits and safeguards will not only keep your vehicles running for longer, but they will also set better safety standards.

This will do wonders for your company reputation and customer satisfaction ratings as well.

5. Improve Your Employee Productivity

By using GPS tracking, you can improve your employee productivity as well. With a GPS tracking device, you can monitor time spent at job sites and time spent misusing your vehicles. You can ensure that your drivers are more productive. Also, by ensuring that the nearest vehicle is routed to the job, businesses can eliminate waste.

You can also digitize important workflows. You can increase productivity by simply getting a greater amount of data to work with.

6. Make Better Administrative Decisions

Aside from reducing costs and keeping your drivers and customers safe and recovering stolen vehicles, GPS tracking adds other benefits. The first is better lifecycle management. The average lifecycle of a vehicle should be as long as possible for you to gain the most utility out of it. Of course, hitting that number with every vehicle is hard. You have to account for unforeseen accidents, diagnosing faults, managing repairs, etc.

With GPS tracking, you can at least regularly check vehicles after they’ve been driven a certain number of miles. You can also diagnose faults by mandating regular checkups. You can catch those faults before they become too big to solve or fix.

Tracking systems can also give you better stats on engines, tyres, and more. Known driver behavior and information on idle time is also available. All this data can be very useful when you to need to add months or even days to your vehicle’s lifespan.

Other things factor into it like mandating better driver behavior, better routes taken, avoiding traffic, etc. Finally, better fraud avoidance by employees can also result in a prolonged lifespan for your vehicles.

Why You Should Put a Vyncs GPS Tracker On Your Turo Car?

The Vyncs GPS tracker is a reliable GPS device which can work for any vehicle you have in your fleet. It can display current locations, give you access to trip histories, and give driving alerts. It has a 4G connection as well and doesn’t come with a monthly fee. There is only a one-time activation fee required after which you can track any vehicle for life.

Vyncs features custom geofencing which you can use to trigger alerts for different vehicles. This way, you can prevent theft in your organization, and lower vehicle acquisition costs. You can also configure the way that you get alerts including Push notifications, emails, SMS, etc.

With Vyncs, you can also get alerts when vehicles are speeding, braking, rapidly accelerating, etc. Hence, any suspicious behavior can be recorded and reported to you. This will reduce the chances of damage to the vehicle as well as misuse and abuse of the vehicle. The 4G connection ensures that you’ll get instant notifications and reports without any delay.

The best part is Vyncs comes with an app on both Google Play and the App Store. This means that you can basically track your vehicles on any smartphone.

You can also choose between different Vyncs packages including Vyncs Premium, Vyncs Pro, Vyncs Fleet, etc. This way, you can plan for either individual cars or for a fleet of company vehicles.

You can use this to not just track your vehicles, but also administrate fuel costs, cut down on operational costs, etc.

So, invest in the Vyncs GPS tracker today!

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