Adding a GPS tracker to your family car is just common sense at this point. It can help you track the car wherever it is and can help you make better administrative decisions. However, it’s a great safety precaution as well.

More than just tracking your car, your GPS tracker can also help you keep an eye on your family. This is a very inexpensive investment to keep track of your family and keep them safe. Not only does it help you keep your family safe from malicious actors, but also from accidents and injuries.

Here are just a few reasons you should keep your family safe by adding GPS to your car


9 Reasons to Add GPS to Your Car to Keep Your Family Safe

Reasons to add GPS to your car to keep your family safe

1. Know Where Your Vehicle Is at Any Time

This is the most obvious of the advantages. No matter the emergency or situation, knowing where you car is at all times can give you peace of mind. It gives you actionable information to use right when it’s needed.

You can track whether your vehicle is in a dangerous area or simply follow your vehicle if you need to. This is a very useful feature when you’re short on time and need to rectify a situation immediately.

2. Get Help During Emergencies

Knowing where your vehicle is at all times can give you a head start on rectifying any situation such as theft or accidents. You can give the police the exact location needed to recover your car. You can call the hospital and give them the exact location to respond to a medical emergency.

You can even call someone close to the location of an accident and have them notified. All this can mitigate the damage done in an accident or help you recover your vehicle at short notice.

This is a very useful thing during storms and natural disasters as well. You can track if your vehicle is stuck in a snowstorm and send a rescue team to targeted locations. You can also quickly get much needed supplies to the vehicle if they are needed.

3. Monitor New Teen Drivers

When your children are starting to learn how to drive, you obviously want to make sure they’re safe. When you hand over the family car to them, it’s good to have a tracker so that you can monitor them. This tracker can not only notify you in case of an accident, but also speeding, and idling. These are useful to know because your child may be stuck somewhere, where they need help.

Cell phone service may not be working, or they may have run out of minutes, etc. If your child also goes out of bounds, you can use geofencing to send alerts so that you know if they’ve crossed into dangerous territory. This is necessary during early driving months especially. If they get into trouble, they should have a safety net, and someone looking after them.

4. Recover Your Stolen Vehicle Faster

Another benefit you get when you add GPS to your car to keep your family safe is vehicle recovery. You can give the police an exact location or tracking beacon to your car to recover it. This way, you stand a better chance to get your vehicle back, than if you didn’t.

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen in the US every year. With GPS, you can at least protect yourself from becoming a statistic. A vehicle is more than just a purchase, it’s an investment which is meant to last 5-10 years or more. You should protect it as best you can.

5. Get Details and Stats

With GPS, you can get details and stats on driving, average speed, and routes taken. You can actually monitor when your car is in an undesirable area of the city or in a dangerous area. This way, you can help members of your family avoid these areas.

You can also monitor alerts for speeding and sudden breaking. This can help you pinpoint times when your car was acting suspiciously. You can advise your family to better use the car this way.

Also, you can look at where your family car has been when you lost a lot of fuel. You can choose better routes in hindsight and make better administrative decisions to save money.

6. Get Diagnostics on Vehicles

GPS trackers don’t just give you the distance traveled, and speeds of your vehicle. You can also get diagnostics on vehicles with GPS tracking devices. This can help you identify problems which can balloon into issues later on. You can nip these in the bud and save a lot of money doing so.

This can help keep your family safe in a number of ways. You can have your car in tip top shape most of the time, this way it’ll have a smaller chance of breaking down. Also, you can stop any accidents happening due to overdue repairs or internal problems.

You can actually set up an alert for diagnostic testing and maintenance when your car has traveled a certain number of miles.

7. Integrate GPS with Your Security

You can of course integrate GPS with your security. With that, you can set alarms to go off if your car is venturing into a dangerous area. You can also link your GPS to several apps on your phone which will automatically call 911 if your vehicle has crashed.

These are small adjustments which can save you a lot of problems if done right. You can also have a better peace of mind if these alerts and triggers are set up.

8. Receive Geofencing Alerts

Geofencing alerts can be programmed into your GPS tracking device and save you headaches. You can specify which areas are no-go areas. This way, if your car does venture to those areas, you can trigger an automatic shutdown. You can also trigger an automatic call to 911 or emergency services. This way, you can either recover your car in case of theft or save lives in case of a hostage situation.

9. Keep Track Of Your Elderly Family Members

You should add GPS to your car to keep your family safe  as a means to keep track of elderly family members. Elderly family members can experience different medical emergencies when they’re out and about. They may experience irritation or nausea or even high blood pressure when they’re out and about.

If you notice that your car is behaving oddly when your parents or grandparents are in the car, you can respond. They may be experiencing distress or a medical emergency. You can send medical assistance immediately. You can also restrict their movement through geofencing. This way, you can keep them from getting into trouble in dangerous areas of the city.


Use the Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker to Keep Track Of Your Family

GPS tracker from Spytec

If you’re looking for speed and accuracy in your GPS tracking equipment, you’ve got to try the GL300 GPS tracker from Spytec. This uses 4G satellite technology to constantly track your vehicle. You can receive location alerts and all sorts of data about your vehicles including speed, and distance traveled.

The tracker is easy to use because of the companion app available on both iOS and Android. The tracker also promises 99.99% uptime and a .256 millisecond processing time. It also has 2 weeks’ worth of battery life and a 1-inch-thick casing. So, you can set your mind at ease and let it do its job after a full charge.

The best part about the GL300 is its lifetime warranty. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription and you’re good to go. You can choose your plan and start tracking with zero contracts or fees.

The GL300 is your best option to keep your family safe by adding GPS to your car.

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