Adding GPS trackers to your fleet has several monetary and safety benefits as you can imagine. However, it doesn’t just pay to be safe and more efficient. It also pays to be ahead of the curve of the competition.

With the right GPS tracker, you can put your truck fleet to more use than even you though possible. Here are 12 great benefits of adding trackers to your truck fleet.

12 Reasons Why You Should Add Trackers to Your Truck Fleet

Here are 12 reasons you should add GPS tracking to your commercial truck fleet

These benefits range from the most obvious monetary and efficiency benefits to the little-known administrative benefits.

1. Reduce Operations Expenses

With the basic GPS data, you get from a GPS tracking device, you can monitor everyday traffic data, construction sites, and delays, etc. With this data, you can save your drivers time by allotting the right routes at the right time of day.

You can also have them avoid construction work and broken roads to avoid damage to the vehicles. You can also save on fuel consumptions and overtime costs which can lead to higher profits.

2. Save Time

With better route planning, better data, and greater optimization, you can save on time. The adage, time is money is still true. With the extra time you have, you can resolve more deliveries and focus on expanding or improving your operations.

Minimize Downtime

The right GPS tracking system can help you make more informed decisions about your operations. This way, you can reduce the downtime of each vehicle, boosting revenues and profits. With lower downtime, you’ll have a higher revenue per delivery or profit per delivery ratio.

Optimize Your Resource Utilization

You can get detailed stats on fuel usage, distance covered, and driver behavior with each GPS tracker. This will allow you to utilize your resources more effectively by pinpointing best practices or improving current practices.

3. Get Better Insurance Deals

One of the most important reasons why you should add trackers to your truck fleet is better insurance deals. Insurance companies give you better deals depending on usage statistics, security features, and overall behavior.

By adding GPS trackers to your vehicles, you’ll automatically get better insurance deals from any provider. With better usage statistics overall, you can demonstrate to your insurance company why you should get better rates. Ultimately, you’ll end up saving money because of this investment.

4. Get More Use Out of Your Trucks

As outlined above, GPS data can help you allocate your resources more effectively. Obviously, this means you’ll get more use out of your trucks. However, this doesn’t just mean you’ll make more deliveries.

It also means you can increase the lifespan of your trucks. By scheduling regular checkups depending on the number of miles driven, you can better diagnose your trucks for problems. This will reduce expenses down the road.

5. Bump Up Customer Satisfaction

Better data and insights mean you’ll run a better operation overall. This means you’ll be more likely to bump up customer satisfaction. With the help of GPS tracking, you’ll be able to respond to service calls quicker, and make emergency deliveries faster.

6. Predict Your Employees’ and Customers’ Behavior

With GPS data, it’ll be easier to predict customer and employee behavior. This means your operations can become more efficient overall.

Manage Your Staff Better

Of course, with you tracking every one of your trucks, you’ll be able to manage your staff better. This again goes back to better resource utilization. You can weed out drivers who are slacking off or are behaving oddly. You can weed out issues with trucks or with general attitudes or work ethic of your drivers.

Make More Accurate Financial Predictions

With better GPS data, you can make more accurate predictions about deliveries made or revenue generated during different times of the year. You can also set targets to hit increased revenue or profits with this data.

With practical goals set, you can more effectively strategize to achieve them.

7. Plan Your Routes Better Increase Total Productivity

You can plan your routes better and increase total productivity by observing everyday GPS data. You can pinpoint routes which are crowded on certain days, or times of day. You can even figure out which seasons see the most traffic jams on your most oft-taken routes.

This way, you can optimize for quicker deliveries on certain days of the week, or months of the year. This can reduce fuel expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

8. Prevent Theft and Locate Stolen Assets

GPS has the obvious advantage of tracking your assets. This is one of the most reliable benefits of adding trackers to your truck fleet. You can prevent theft of your company vehicles and even locate stolen assets with GPS trackers. This will reduce the cost per acquisition of vehicle for your business. It will also get you better insurance rates since you’re also prepared for theft of vehicles.

9. Be Alerted to Suspicious Behavior

Geofencing allows you to mark areas where your vehicles are allowed to travel. If vehicles are being stolen or misused and abused in any way, you can be alerted to that behavior immediately.

These alerts can also be sent out in case of accidents and other problems which occur with your vehicles. This way, you can take the necessary steps and recover your vehicle or take safety precautions for the future.

10. Improve Company Safety Standards

With the data that you collect throughout your operations, you can identify safety standards you need to implement to avoid financial losses and prevent accidents. You can also raise those safety standards by implementing checks and balances. This way, you can avoid any mishaps in the future.

GPS tracking systems can also allow you to implement communications between drivers and fleet managers. This way, they can direct drivers to solutions for any current or upcoming issues. This can occur both ways.

11. Resolve Billing Disputes

Trucking and logistics involve recording transactions at every point. However, billing discrepancies still occur. With GPS, each transaction is timestamped and every delivery can be pinpointed to the second. This can resolve a lot of billing inaccuracies within your company.

Minimize Paperwork

This digital timekeeping and timestamping of transactions can reduce the overall paperwork that you company has to go through. Not only will this be better for the environment, but it will be better for your customers. With digital records you can help them keep track of deliveries as well with a more transparent delivery route.

12. Gain a Competitive Edge Over Your Rivals

All of this can give you a competitive edge over your rivals. You will be able to gain insights that your rivals don’t have. You will be able to make your operations more efficient, and save money. You will also be able to keep your employees happier by creating a safer environment for them to work.

All of this to say, you will be creating a business which works like a Swiss watch and yet doing right by your workers.

Investing in GPS tracking systems will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Here is one of the best GPS tracking devices out there.

Use Bouncie to Track Everything From Fleet Trucks to Individual Cars

Use the Bouncie GPS tracker for your fleet

Bouncie is one of the best vehicles trackers on the market. Costing only $8 a month, the device supplies you with real time driving data, a 15-second trip auto refresh, and security alerts. There are no activations fees and no other hidden fees. You can also cancel your services anytime and not worry about it.

You can apply geofencing for your operations to find out if an employee is misusing your vehicle or to prevent theft. You can also use the GPS tracker for speed monitoring and accident notifications.

All these safety features and more can be yours with the Bouncie GPS Tracker. So, order it now!

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