Most cars now come with built-in GPS trackers. However, this isn’t true for most cheaper cars. Older models also have this problem. However, you can get pretty cheap GPS trackers to monitor where your car is at all times.

This can be great as a family safety feature if you have kids, or elderly parents. It can also be great to keep your car safe from theft. Even if your car goes missing, you can track it with the GPS tracker.

However, there are many other benefits that you may not see at first glance. So, here are 10 reasons why you should add a tracker to your family car.

10 Benefits of Adding GPS to Your Family Car

Advantages of adding GPS to your family car

1. It’s Easy to Attach

GPS trackers are small, portable, and light. This means they’re not only very easy to carry, they can be attached pretty easily to any vehicle you can think of. They can even work with motorcycles and scooters if that’s what you have in mind.

The unobtrusive nature of such devices means that you can track your car without anyone knowing. So your family and any of your friends can feel comfortable going wherever they want to without looking over their shoulder. You can keep tabs on them while they’re relaxed.

2. You Can Keep Tabs On Your Kids

With the user-friendly nature of GPS tracking devices, you can always keep tabs on your kids. This means that even if the car is stolen, you can keep track of it with a simple app on either your phone or PC.

Even if you are leaving your kids with an elder cousin or a grandparent, you needn’t worry. They will be well monitored with your GPS tracker. This ease of use is a big plus no matter what age you are. You can keep track of your loved ones very easily.

3. GPS Counts as Invisible Training Wheels for Teenagers

If you have kids, you know the sinking feeling you get when they first get on to the road. When they’re driving their first car or when they’re going on a trip, you’re always over cautious in the beginning. With a GPS tracker on their car, you can always know where they are.

A GPS tracker is like invisible training wheels for teenagers. They don’t have to look over their shoulder for their parents, yet your watchful eye is always there. It’s a very unobtrusive way to keep track of your children.

This way, you can give your children independence and let them be free. At the same time, you can keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t venture out of bounds. This is one of the best reasons why you should add a tracker to your family car.

4. Monitor Where Your Parents and Elders are at all Times

The other group which needs supervision outside your home is your elders. This could be your grandparents or your parents. Old age is kind to very few people. If your elders ever get lost or run out of fuel, they can be located by GPS.

You can also stop them from venturing out of bounds with geofencing. You can stop them from taking wrong turns, or venturing too far out of range.

For senior citizens with more debilitating mental problems like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or even short-term memory loss, GPS tracking is imperative. This can be helpful even when they’re not in the driver’s seat. If someone else is chauffeuring them around, you can keep track of them to ensure they’re within reach.

5. Program Alerts by Geofencing

As mentioned before, geofencing is an incredibly important feature of GPS tracking. It ensures that any and all out of bound actions are alerted to. This includes venturing out of bounds, speeding, accidents, etc.

All of this is recorded by GPS trackers and ensures that you get timely alerts. GPS devices which are attached to cars can sense the sudden jolts in movements which qualify as accidents. They can also verify if a vehicle is out of bounds of a custom geofenced area.

6. Gain Peace of Mind

GPS devices imbue a sense of peace when you tag your cars with them. It’s at least a start to monitoring your family for safety. It can get exhausting if you’re taking care of elderly folks and of young children, or even teenagers.

With GPS trackers, you can stop worrying about their whereabouts when they’re without you. The alerts, the geofencing, and the constant tracking can help you gain a little peace.

7. Keep Track of Your Pets

Pets can often go for joyrides when you’re going out. It’s important to keep them safe with GPS trackers on your car. If someone steals your car with pets inside, you can keep track of their whereabouts. Also, you can keep track of your pets if someone in your family is taking them for a joyride.

8. Prevent Theft and Make Recovery Easier

One of the most obvious benefits of adding GPS to your family car is theft prevention. With GPS tracking, your car can be tailed effectively by police. It can also be recovered easily if the tracker keeps working. Most GPS trackers have batteries which last months, so you needn’t be worried. They also come with 4G LTE which means that you won’t lose the signal any time soon.

9. Cut Down on Insurance Costs

Specifically because GPS trackers can monitor a vehicle’s movements and make recovery easier, insurance companies love them. There is less of a chance of paying for your car if it’s gone missing. Hence, you can get better insurance rates if you simply attach a GPS tracking device to your car.

Other than theft prevention and recovery, insurance companies also recognize that GPS tracking shows responsibility. It means that you’re invested in keeping your asset safe. This imbues them with more confidence about you than the average customer.

The rate slashes can be as much as 10-15% in some cases

10. Save on Fuel

You can also save big time on fuel with GPS tracking. You can get reports on which routes you’ve taken on which times of the day. You can also see which routes make you wait the most and which routes take the longest time. This way, you can cut down on fuel costs by choosing the best routes for each commute.

If you have several vehicles with GPS trackers, you can save a whole lot more on fuel with such administrative decisions. This also factors in to saving completely over the year.

Try the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker for Your Family Car

The Invoxia tracker is perfect for your family car. It include 4G LTE right out of the box, has a built-in SIM, and includes a free 2 year subscription. The tracker is also incredibly useful for seniors, kids, and any other family members.

The Invoxia tracker is just what you need when you’re trying to keep your family safe. It includes all the benefits of adding GPS to your family car. Its battery life can last up to 4 months at a time.

Hence, you can just set a reminder for it on your phone about 3-4 months from now and forget about it. The best part is it charges in just under an hour. This is a greater return on investment when you think about it. You gain months after just putting in an hour of charge.

The gadget also comes with great bonuses like real-time anti-theft alerts and Bluetooth capability. You can also choose the update rate depending on your family’s comings and goings in your car. This can be set to 5-, 10-, or 30-minute updates.

You can also set it up just fine with the built-in app. It’s lightweight, compact, and concealable as well. The final incentive is that there are no setup or activation fees involved. How can you go wrong?

So, order the Invoxia GPS Tracker today!

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