GPS tracking is one of the most useful features to add to your Getaround cars. It makes your cars more valuable assets and helps you run a more efficient operation. Here are 10 great financial benefits of adding GPS trackers to your Getaround vehicles.

1. Reduce Annual Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are central to the profit-loss statement of any business which uses vehicles. Hence, it’s always at the top of the mind for business owners. The more vehicles you have, the greater the fuel costs, it’s simple mathematics. However, with GPS tracking, it’s possible to monitor vehicles and select the best routes for them to take. This way, they can avoid traffic, avoid bad roads, and construction work.

That means reduced fuel costs. Not just on a weekly or monthly basis. You can save annually by making informed decisions for your drivers. This way, they can take the specific routes you outline to avoid traffic at times of day, or days of the week.

They don’t have to rely on foresight or knowledge of the area to do so. You can give them real time updates on which roads have the most traffic. GPS can tell them which routes right when they leave.

Speaking of which, you can also shift timetables or shift timings based on different tasks. The time of day can often affect traffic flow. Hence, shifting timings to when traffic is lower can actually help you optimize operations.

Finally, with more data, you can reduce aggressive driving. This is the stop and go driving which usually results during traffic jams. According to the US Department of Energy, this type of driving can lower miles per gallon for a vehicle by 15-30%. While driving on the highway, this can reduce miles per gallon between 10 and 40%.

All this reduces total fuel costs.

2. Reduce Total Risk and Liability

Real time GPS tracking helps to monitor aggressive driving. This type of behavior can actually cause accidents and endanger pedestrians and other drivers. With a greater knowledge of this using your GPS tracking, you can reduce this behavior among drivers.

This doesn’t just save lives and improves your image, but also reduces maintenance costs. GPS fleet tracking can help support newer policies as well which have real repercussions if broken. By introducing accountability for your drivers through GPS, you can implement regulations like a diver scorecard. This includes other data like rapid acceleration and harsh braking.

These are also things which are recorded by GPS tracking devices. By monitoring these oddities and anomalies, you can introduce new standards and practices in your business, thereby making it safer.

3. Increase Accountability Among Your Workers

This goes far beyond just implicating drivers and monitoring their moves. It means basically instituting an atmosphere of responsibility and integrity at your business. By instituting strict policies and best practices at your organization, you can ensure that the system becomes self policing.

You can use data to show your employees what they may be doing wrong and emphasizing what they need to do right. This ripples out into huge savings throughout the year and beyond. You also don’t have to keep reiterating yourself when it comes to new employees. If you make certain important points part of training and orientation, you’re less likely to repeat yourself.

Finally, of course, you can weed out workers who continue to use vehicles for their personal use. You can weed out unauthorized use, and users after hours.

4. Improve Back Office Efficiency

Real time tracking solutions can also break down technological silos. This is due to the ability of GPS data to integrate into other fleet management and back-office software. You can simply combine these two data points and stop going back and forth between software platforms.

The results include better visibility into business operations. This will help you find out where you can improve operations and where you’re losing money. This complete picture will help you decide what the total cost of ownership of a vehicle is. You can slowly chip down that figure so that you get a better profit at the end of the day.

5. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers have the highest expectations from companies today. It’s a constant competition to improve or lose business. Hence, with a GPS tracking service, you stand to improve customer satisfaction by employing the data collected.

6. Optimize Company Operations

You can eliminate the time spent with sales employees to verify expense reimbursements. GPS tracking allows you to automate that process. This means you can optimize that activity and provide your sales team with an accurate figure of reimbursement. That will make investigation into fuel consumption or driver behavior secondary. This means you’ll essentially make it an afterthought to continuously calculate fuel costs.

You can also manage mileage reports more easily. With an automated GPS tracking system for your vehicles, you can get reports for each vehicle. This ensures that you’re not overpaying your employees and that your mileage data eliminates an employee’s data to over report mileage and fuel costs.

This also makes it harder for employees to add personal trips to their bill.

7. Gain Support

Providing real time data to your team can help them avoid traffic in real time. This means even if they leave on time and go according to plan, any unforeseen hiccups can be remedied.

You can see how much time they are spending with customers and how often customers are visited. You can also detect whether customers have been missed.

You can also pass on urgent requests to drivers who are fit for the job. You’ll be able to locate and contact the nearest sales member to re-route your drivers to address pressing matters.

8. Boost Company Sales

All the points about optimizing operations and instituting best practices come to a head here. You can boost company sales by adding all these things to your company practices. Essentially, you’ll be raking in more money and improving customer and employee safety.

9. Improve Standards and Practices

You can add all that you’ve learned from GPS data to your standards and practices. Essentially, you can keep optimizing the book on company training. This will help new recruits learn from the mistakes of the old guard.

Hence, you don’t need to keep repeating yourself to old or new employees. Since you have the data to back it up, you can institute new policies through a data driven approach.

10. Reduce Turnover

With this approach, you can also reduce turnover. By providing a better environment for your employees, and giving them higher pay due to higher profits, you’ll gain employee loyalty. GPS tracking systems can give you a better idea of who is cut out for the job and who is not. This way, you can weed out people who are consistently underperforming or purposely abusing their power.

Try the 4G GPS Tracker for Your Getaround Vehicles

The 4G GPS Tracker is pretty aptly named. It has 4G and 3G services included and can work for any type of vehicle. This includes all types of cars, trucks, trailers, etc. You can find out the real time whereabouts of the vehicle using the smartphone app on iPhone or Android. There is also a web app that you can run on the desktop or laptop.

The 4G GPS tracker has 180 days of tracking history and playback car track which you can access from any computer. The tracker also has extended battery life of nearly 20+ days on a single charge. This means you can charge one gadget and essentially forget it for about a month.

The tracker is also IP65 water resistant which means that you won’t have to worry about cars going over puddles. There are 3 working models within the gadget to support power saving as well so you won’t have to worry about battery life either.

The best part is that there are no monthly fees and no activation fees either. That means you’ll be getting the services by just buying the gadget alone.

So, try a 4G GPS and enjoy the convenience of tracking your vehicles from the comfort of your home.

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