There are several safety benefits to getting a GPS tracking system for your fleet vehicles. This doesn’t just cover theft prevention and vehicle recovery. There are a lot of safety benefits for your drivers and workers when you install GPS trackers on your vehicles.

Not to mention the fact that you can save a pretty penny if you invest in GPS tracking. All in all, the safety benefits of adding GPS trackers to your fleet outweigh any financial costs. Here are 10 safety benefits of getting a GPS tracking device for your fleet vehicles.

10 Great Safety Benefits of Adding GPS Trackers to Your Fleet

Here are 10 safety features of adding GPS tracking to your fleet

1. Early Detection

GPS tracking ensures that you get alerts about suspicious activities and any jolts in movement. This ensures that you’re always within earshot of anything bad happening to your vehicles.

Whether that’s because of something your workers did or because of any external stimulus is beside the point. When you’re made aware of any unforeseen problems, you can react to them. When you’re made aware of them early, you can react to them early.

This truly helps in theft prevention and early tracking so that you can recover any stolen or misused/abused vehicles.

2. Real Time Alerts

With real time alerts, you can be immediately notified if any of your vehicles are being misused or stolen. You can then alert the law enforcement authorities to track or even recover your vehicle at once. You can give them a lead to follow immediately, which is actionable intel. This improves your chances of getting your vehicle back without question.

These alerts work for more than theft or misuse of course. You can get alerts if your vehicle has been in an accident. You can then respond to that as soon as possible.

3. Remote Vehicle Immobilization

One of the greatest safety benefits of adding GPS trackers to your fleet is remote vehicle immobilization. Most GPS tracking services feature a vehicle immobilization command which is automatically triggered. If the vehicle passes beyond a geofenced area, it can be disabled immediately.

The immobilization can also be triggered manually if you find that someone has stolen your vehicle. This is a very powerful tool which can prevent theft and enable the recovery of your vehicle. You may even be able to stop the thieves from escaping in the first place.

This is an incredibly useful feature considering that 2 in 5 vehicles stolen aren’t recovered by businesses. That 40% is a huge chunk of stolen vehicles which are never found again. You can cut down on that number drastically with this simple implementation.

4. Vehicle Access Control

You can also enable several protocols for your fleet trucks through GPS which enable greater security for your cargo. One is vehicle access management. This means you can monitor whether your cargo doors are being opened at any other point than your facilities.

If they are, you can ensure that this is either recorded or that an automatic trigger secures your cargo. With this trigger, you can more aptly secure your cargo or track where it went missing. This is valuable information for the police. They can either catch perpetrators, or investigate the area for future thefts if there are any.

5. Lower Insurance Costs

With a GPS tracker, and especially with remote vehicle immobilization, it’s more possible than ever to reduce insurance costs. That can be a real help when you’re trying to balance the budget for an organization or a business.

Lower insurance costs come from the fact that GPS tracking and remote immobilization is great at theft prevention. However, it’s also great at identifying when and where accidents take place. This reduces the chances of the perpetrators getting away or of the vehicle being damaged beyond repair.

Businesses which invest in this technology are also seen as more responsible and forward thinking. This results in lower insurance rates.

6. A Wealth of Safety Options  

GPS tracking doesn’t just bring tracking as an option. You can shutdown your vehicle if it goes out of bounds, geofence vehicles during operations, monitor if they’ve been in accidents, etc. Hence, there is a wealth of safety features which you can exploit with your GPS.

This means that you can reap a lot of benefits from a small gadget which would otherwise elude you. It’s an inexpensive investment which reduces the risks that you have to take and can vastly boost profits. Not only does this secure your fleet, but it also secures your business from future losses.

7. Tracking Driver Behavior

With GPS tracking you can also monitor driver behavior. You can see which of your drivers is being the most inefficient or facing the most problems. This may be them veering away from specific routes or not making enough deliveries.

You can cross check their performance with their GPS data. You can then help them improve their performance by addressing these issues. This way, you can have a constructive dialogue with your workers and show them where they’re going wrong. This leads into the next benefit, driver training.

8. Better Driver Training

With the data that you’re gathering on fleet trucks and routes and accidents, etc. you can give better driving training. This ensures that your training programs or training sessions can focus on basic problems which most of your drivers are facing.

You can cut through the noise and give them actionable intelligence which they can use to improve. Not only that, but you can also identify specific problems which cause accidents and train your drivers. This way they can avoid certain scenarios which put them in danger.

9. Regular Vehicle Maintenance

With GPS tracking comes accurate figures of how much vehicles have been driven. You can log these numbers in consistently and then send alerts to your drivers when they need to bring in vehicles for inspection. This is one of the best safety benefits of adding GPS trackers to your fleet.

This can also work well if you have moved their shifts around. With better diagnoses of a vehicle’s performance and condition, you can improve the safety of your drivers overall.

You can also increase the shelf life of every vehicle by regularly checking it for problems and replacing worn out parts. This way, you can make your business more profitable by increasing a vehicle’s shelf life and reducing accidents.

10. Safer Administrative Decisions

Finally, you can make better safety administrative decisions by utilizing the data from GPS trackers. With this data, you can reduce travel on routes which have safety hazards. You can improve your driver training to include more safety-oriented instructions which combine with efficiency.

All this can help you build a business which values its employees and boosts profits overall. Through a responsible investment in GPS trackers, you can get a huge return on investment for years.

Try the DiscoverIt GPS Tracking Device for Your Vehicle Fleet

DiscoverIt is a great GPS tracker with all the goodies that you need for your truck fleet. It has a monitoring system with geofencing and is great for multiple trucks. The tracking devices have a 256-day battery life which translates to more than 8 months of worry-free tracking. The 4G GPS tracking ensures that you always know where your trucks are.

Also included is a 6 month data plan which covers everything from tracking to geofencing to alerts. This tracker will give you peace of mind that all your trucks are safe. The tracker doesn’t just have great software, there is solid hardware backing it up. It’s waterproof, crushproof and dustproof. Hence, come what may, hail, snow or rain, DiscoverIt can take it.

This will ensure that your tracker stays active even after the onslaught of the elements. Plus, the tracker also has an 80 lb pull force rating. This means you can attach it to any magnetic surface without worrying that it’ll fall off.

So choose quality GPS tracking for your truck fleet today.

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