A GPS is just a tool that you can use to improve company practices and boost profits. Here are 8 tips to get the best out of your GPS tracker.

8 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your GPS Tracker

Getting the best out of your GPS tracker

1. Use Live Traffic Data to Help Your Drivers

Your GPS tracking devices should help your drivers, first and foremost. If you use them to help your drivers avoid traffic and construction, you will boost profits, and save time. You will also create a safer environment for your workers.

Also, live traffic data can help to identify times of day, days of the week when traffic is intense. You can use this information to plan routes for deliveries on specific days. This will make your entire operation more efficient and cost effective.

2. Reward Your Most Responsible Employees

With the information that you receive from your GPS devices, you can highlight your best employees. You can not only reward them for their performance but incorporate their practices into company manuals.

This practice of rewarding the best employees can actually create a more conducive work environment. You will be able to show your exemplary employees that they care. You will also be able to improve work practices throughout your organization step by step. This will not only benefit your workers, but the organization as a whole.

3. Improve Accountability and Compliance

GPS tracking doesn’t just give you the time, location, and distance of your trucks. It can also track how fast those trucks are going, and if they’re continuously braking. This will help you isolate dangerous behavior on the road. It will help you isolate behavior which shouldn’t be repeated.

You can also use GPS tracking to check travel logs to obtain information for reimbursements and travel budgets. These records can also be a great source of misconduct information for those who don’t abide by policies.

You will not only create a more disciplined environment in the workplace by utilizing this information but save lives. The hundreds of thousands of accidents which occur on the road every year can be reduced. Every little bit counts. Speeding, sudden braking, going off road, etc. all these outliers can be highlighted for you to take action.

4. Create a GPS Tracking Policy

To get the best out of your GPS tracker you should institute a GPS tracking policy. This will make everything you’re doing above board and official. It will be common knowledge among your employees that you collect certain data.

This GPS tracking policy should address why it’s required in the first place. It should also address which benefits it brings to the company as a whole and to individual employees and customers.

5. Be Above Board About Tracking Practices

You can meet with backlash about tracking practices from your employees. This is natural when you’re instituting a tracking policy. However, the best way to counter this is to be transparent with your employees. Tell them just how you’re tracking them and which metrics you’re tracking.

Also try explaining the reasons why you’re instituting this policy. Tell them the benefits of both the monetary and the safety side of things. You can then frame this argument in terms of achieving mutual goals.

Also emphasize that GPS tracking isn’t just to stop employees from deviating from the norm. It’s also to provide a safe working environment for them as well as the customers. This way, they will be more likely to comply.

6. Use GPS Monitoring to Create a Maintenance Schedule

You can also use GPS monitoring to create a maintenance schedule. You can log in the number of miles that a truck or trailer has traveled and create a threshold for maintenance checkups. This way, you can stop any trucks or trailers from being abused and increase their lifespan.

You can also tag trailers and trucks which have a history of breaking down and isolate them for repairs.

7. Use Relevant Metrics

With GPS tracking, you can get relevant metrics which you need to increase productivity and profits. These metrics can boost revenue and improve employee and customer safety. You can only get these metrics if you’re constantly collecting data. With this, you can identify outliers, link variables together, etc.

8. Address Any Employee Concerns

Even if you have a clear employee GPS tracking policy, you should explain the benefits of monitoring locations. You need to make sure that your employees are comfortable with GPS tracking. You also need to make them feel heard. Don’t dismiss their concerns lightly. If they bring up any concerns which have already been addressed, don’t be harsh. Anyone can be anxious when their privacy is concerned.

A great way to address these concerns is to show the employees how the GPS system works. You can show them which areas they’re not allowed to go into, and which alerts are sent to the company. This way, your employees can be aware of behavior considered undesirable by the business.

Use the Trak-4 Solar GPS tracker For Your Vehicles

Trak-4 Solar GPS Tracker can Monitor Your Vehicles


  1. You can attach the Trak—4 Solar GPS to anything you want. You can mount it to your vehicle or your trailer or any other equipment. You can even carry it in your pocket or compartment. The best part about this is that it doesn’t matter what shape your vehicle is. You can always find a place to attach the Trak-4.
  2. The Trak-4 is weatherproof. So, you can rest easy knowing that it can handle punishment in any terrain. This includes muddy, rocky, and wet terrains. It’s made for both indoor and outdoor use. It will stand sub zero temperatures and scorching heat. Hence, it can be used with trucks or vehicles to transport cold or hot goods.
    It has a rugged housing which means that it can also take bumps on the road and won’t crack. It’ll remain operational through long trips and keep beaming information.
  3. It’s optimized to work within the USA. This means that it’s optimized to work within the 4G optimized airwaves of North America.
    It’ll give you real time updates through the 4G network spread all around the country. It also features top tier cell network coverage which means you can rely on timely alerts morning, noon, and night. This goes for all sorts of weather conditions as well including rain and snow.
  4. You can choose between both Battery Saver mode and elite reporting frequencies. This depends on the cargo and the urgency of delivery.
  5. The Trak-4 will also give you a daily check-in reporteven when it’s not moving. This will give you the status of your trucks even when they’re not in transit.
  6. You can also track multiple units on the same map. This will be great for tracking multiple vehicles, no matter if you’re running a business or just monitoring family cars.
  7. You can get animated ant trails to indicate the direction in which your cars are traveling. This will map out their routes over time.
  8. Trak-4 also uses both Wi-Fi and 4G when a GPS signal is blocked inside cramped places like garages. It will keep you informed no matter the conditions. It has great positional accuracy in crowded, underground areas as well.
  9. It also lives up to the name Solar GPS since it charges in sunlight. An hour or 2 of sunlight per day will give you a full charge. It can also go for over 12 months without sunlight when it begins with a full charge.
  10. Finally, it’s very user-friendly. This means that you can start using it within minutes of signing up.

How to Use the Trak-4 Solar GPS Tracker

  1. Attach the TraK-4 to any flat surface on your vehicle.
  2. Create your free Trak-4 account by signing up on https://gps.trak-4.com/.
  3. Then begin tracking with both text and email alerts.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want premium GPS tracking for your vehicles, get the Trak-4 Solar GPS Tracker!

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