GPS tracking isn’t just great as a safety feature and vehicle recovery feature. It’s also a great feature to improve administrative decisions for your company. You can identify areas where you can pool your resources. You can identify areas where you need to cut back. You can even identify areas where you need to make radical changes.

All this can be accomplished by looking at the data from your GPS trackers. You may be surprised to know that GPS tracking can boost sales for your company.

6 Ways GPS Tracking Can Boost Sales for Your Company

How to boost sales through GPS tracking

1. Greater Productivity

With GPS tracking, you can know where your trucks and drivers are at all times. This means you can see which of your assets aren’t being productive or are idling. You can root out inactive or unproductive assets overtime and analyze why this is so.

This can help you improve the utilization of your assets overtime and improve ROI. This is a great way to boost sales in your company since all your unproductive assets can be boosted for productivity.

You can also look for which routes and which areas during your travels are the best and worst. You can outline the most desirable areas for your drivers to choose when going for certain deliveries. This can also work in real time if there are untimely traffic jams or construction work going on at your routes. You can inform your drivers to reroute immediately with GPS.

You can then maximize the utility of your assets and thus improve customer service. You can reduce delivery time and improve sales at the same time. This will also reduce fuel usage.

2. Lower Insurance Rates

Another great thing about using GPS tracking to boost sales is lower insurance rates. The fact that you even have a GPS tracking device on your vehicles will give insurance companies peace of mind. This will show them that you can make better administrative decisions for your vehicles. More than that, they will know that you can take better care of your vehicle.

You can, for example, track your vehicle if it’s in dangerous areas. You can fence off certain areas through geolocation to reduce the chances of theft. You can also get alerts to notify you of suspicious behavior. You’re basically doing the insurance company a huge favor by being more proactive about your vehicle/s. This means, you’re liable to get reduced insurance rates.

This can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of savings over time. With several vehicles, over many years, you’re looking at far lower insurance premiums than without GPS tracking.

This will of course boost profits for you over a large period. It’s only the sensible thing to do.

3. Better Driver Behavior

Since you’re always monitoring driver behavior through GPS, you can give them the guidance needed to improve work ethic. You can alert them of the problems they’re having, and how to rectify them. Over time, this can result in better driver behavior not just for the company. It can also result in a safer work environment for your drivers when they’re on the road.

This will of course work in the favor of the company with regards to customer satisfaction. You can arrange for better conditions for pedestrians on the roads by reducing driver behavior which causes accidents.

All in all, this will reduce the chances of damaged goods as well. With drivers adhering to better behavior, you will get fewer reports of damaged goods in your trucks. With that, your customer satisfaction will increase as well.

4. Elimination of Bad Practices

With GPS tracking you can not only improve driver behavior but eliminate bad practices which causes losses. These aren’t always obvious when you don’t have data. However, with data, you can make a connection between practices which have cost you financially.

These connections can help your company cut down on practices which cost you over the years. All through GPS tracking, you can actually make a dent in your costs going forward. Reducing these operational costs will translate into great profits over the years.

You can actually create manuals and highlight areas which need to be avoided. This way, you can emphasize the elimination of these bad practices into the company culture.

5. Recognition of Best Practices

As with the elimination of worst practices, GPS tracking can boost sales for your company by highlighting best practices. Again, through using data and insights, you can identify the best practices which improve profits and boost sales.

You can then create manuals or emphasize these best practices for your employees. You can even make this part of your new employee training programs. This will ensure that your profits can not only be retained but grow overtime.

6. Reduction in Turnover

A rotating team of employees is often the norm when you’re running a business. However, several companies have been able to reduce turnover by making a better work environment. By applying best practices and improving overall employee work ethics, you’ll do just that.

Employees will not only stay for the better salaries that you can afford them, but for the work environment. They’ll feel like you’re valuing them when you highlight best practices or invest in them.

Companies have also created incentive programs to encourage best practices. Through GPS tracking, you can highlight these best practices and reward employees for following them.

All in all, by following these best practices, you can actually get the most out of your GPS tracking devices. You can boost sales and improve your annual profits by applying these best practices.

Boost Sales With the gpsnvision Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

The gpsnvision is one of the best trackers for your fleet vehicles

Gpsnvision is a very powerful GPS tracker which you can use to track your fleet vehicles without any hassle. You can get a very low subscription cost on the tracker which will make it a viable bulk purchase for your fleet.


As with most GPS trackers, this one also has 4G wireless technology built in so that you get fast updates. No matter where your fleet vehicles are, you can get timely reports and immediate messages for alerts.

The device is also very user-friendly since you can set it up in seconds. The tracker doesn’t require any wiring of any sort and has powerful, built-in magnets you can attach to any flat surface. You can conveniently access anything you need on your smartphone and customize the alerts you receive.

The best part about the gpsnvision tracker is that you won’t need to pay any activation or cancellation fees. There are no hidden charges with this device. All you have to pay is the monthly subscription fee and you’re golden.

You can also view the full driving history of your vehicle and the durations of the stops that it made. The GPS device has a 400-day history recording facility. This means that you can fully see the performance of your fleet vehicles over the past year and beyond.

The gpsnvision tracker has great battery life. The battery itself is huge at 20,000 mAh, which means that it’ll last a long while. The average battery life is 2 months long with average daily driving. The standby time is 240 days to boot. This longevity means that you can rest with your mind at ease until you need to charge it again.

Of course, the device is also waterproof which means that you can easily navigate muddy or wet areas. There won’t be any danger of the device being damaged or broken.

The gpsnvision also has an email or SMS alert feature. These automatic alerts can notify you of the movement, speed, device disconnection, or low battery. This is a very useful feature which will help you keep track of your fleet vehicles at odd times.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the gpsnvision GPS tracker today!

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