GPS tracking is commonplace in fleet vehicles at this point. Still, it’s a good practice to remind employees what they’re gaining from this technology. That’s especially true as video telematics like AI-equipped dash cams come into play.

Here are 10 great key points to make with employees about how they benefit from fleet management technology.

GPS Tracking Improves Job Security

GPS tracking will decrease your fleet’s operating costs, which will result in more profitability. Everyone benefits from a fatter bottom line, and job security is non-existent without profitability.

Protection from Traffic Violations

If one of your employees gets a citation, GPS tracking and video telematics are both reliable witnesses to find out what happened. That can lead to your driver being exonerated.
Even if they deserved the ticket, the confirmation of their driving habits can lead to improvements in driver coaching and practices. That can lead to better driving habits that keep everyone safer.

With video telematics, you can also discover other mitigating factors – for example, imagine your driver rear-ending another vehicle. With video telematics, you’ll be able to see whether the other video is responsible for the crash by making a sudden movement to cut in front of your driver.

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